About Us

After nearly 45 years of working with the car wash industry, Howco offers a team of professionals representing decades of in-depth industry experience. Established in 1969, our mission remains the same: to mentor new and existing operators in all aspects of the car wash business, with their success our goal.

From ensuring that we locate, design, and develop each wash with the most advantageous specifications to achieve that owner's vision to build a car wash; to supplying superior-quality car wash equipment and supplies, including high-performance chemicals, and proven branding and marketing strategies and materials; to providing expert guidance, training, and service from the relationship's inception into its ongoing success, Howco offers the most comprehensive resources available to facilitate car washing profitability for conveyor, automatic, and self-service car wash operations.

Company Information

HOWCO Commercial Car Wash Distributor

1521 E. Third St.
Charlotte, NC 28204

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