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Tunnel Equipment

Everything you need to equip and service your Tunnel Car Wash. Our team can advise you on exactly the right products based on your site needs, deliver them, and even install them for you.

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  • Drying Systems
  • Systems
  • Conveyors/Correlators
  • LED Lighting
  • POS/Pay Stations
  • Signage
  • Tunnel Controllers

Drying Systems

Aerodry ᐧ Coleman Hanna ᐧ PECO ᐧ International Drying Corp ᐧ Premier Drying Systems

Our tunnel drying systems are designed for efficient and effective performance, built to provide longevity and durability. Our range of systems deliver a high-quality and streak-free drying process that leaves vehicles sparkling and customers satisfied. Whether you prioritize energy efficiency, space optimization, or versatile performance, these systems ensure a consistent and reliable drying experience for every car that passes through.


Coleman Hanna ᐧ PECO ᐧ Motor City Wash Works

Our tunnel systems are meticulously tailored to your specific needs. Our tunnel solutions are crafted to maximize your bay space, ensuring efficient car washing. When selecting your system, factor in considerations like conveyor length and available tunnel space to pinpoint the precise solution that meets your needs.

Conveyors & Correlators

Coleman Hanna ᐧ PECO ᐧ Motor City Wash Works ᐧ InnovateIT

Our conveyors are key for guiding vehicles through the car wash process. Our correlators ensure safe alignment, featuring durable steel construction for reliability in wheel positioning, and an overall efficient operation.

LED Lighting

G&G Industrial Lighting ᐧ Sonny’s ᐧ Coleman Hanna ᐧ TSS

Car wash lighting, designed by car wash experts. Transform the ambiance of your car wash facility with our LED lighting options. Beyond enhancing visibility and safety, these energy-efficient lights create an inviting atmosphere that elevates not only your car wash, but also your customer’s experience through strong, simple, and compact lighting solutions.

POS / Pay Stations

DRB / Unitec ᐧ Innovative Control Systems / ICS ᐧ Micrologic ᐧ Dencar ᐧ Washify

We provide a diverse range of POS systems and attendant terminals, each tailored to meet your car wash needs. Our offerings encompass a spectrum of unique strengths and qualities, ensuring a customized solution that aligns with your wash. Whether you’re seeking a standalone system or an innovative control system, rest assured, we have the ideal choice for your car wash operation.


Ahearn ᐧ Coleman Hanna ᐧ Sonny’s ᐧ TSS ᐧ Premier

Our signage solutions go beyond mere functionality. From arches and signs to menu boards, we tailor your signage to suit your car wash perfectly. These will not only guide customers effectively through your wash but also serve as powerful branding tools, ensuring your car wash stands out and leaves a lasting impression that keeps it top of mind.

Tunnel Controllers

Innovative Control Systems / ICS ᐧ Laguna Industries -rTC ᐧ Washlink ᐧ DRB

Tunnel controllers are the central control systems for automated car wash tunnels. Our systems offer embedded computer control, anti-theft features, and remote access for diagnostics and alerts. With diverse options, we will be sure to help you select the tunnel controller to streamline your wash process.

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