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Maximize Efficacy of Your Car Wash Blower System with the Right Combination of Complementary Components

By Nate Edwards, Territory Sales Manager/Equipment, Howco Inc.

While Howco represents the car wash industry’s best and most effective blower systems, any selection is only as good as what comes before it. Several vitally important factors must be considered and coordinated prior to vehicles reaching the blower system, including the length of the tunnel; proper spacing of tunnel equipment; the drip space between the freshwater rinse or spot-free application; and, of course, the chemical application throughout the wash process.

The best, most powerful blower systems will not perform to your or your customers’ satisfaction if all the processes leading to the blowers are not in sync and optimized. Monitoring and adjustment as necessary of the tunnel equipment and chemicals to function at their best in turn allow the blowers to perform at maximum efficacy.

Other tunnel-end equipment that follows the blowers, such as a tire shine applicator and/or final drying brushes, should also be taken into consideration and positioned far enough after the blowers for best results.

Properly positioned and operating tunnel equipment, along with the right chemical combination and high-quality blowers, not only result in a cleaner, shinier car but also reduce the labor required for drying and shining, whether by an employee or customer.

There are several options to consider when choosing a blower package. These include the electricity component and cost, the number of blowers needed, blower positioning, horsepower, variable frequency drive (VFD), and the noise/decibel level of the blowers.

Howco has representatives who are experts in every aspect of the car wash industry, from site planning and tunnel design to equipment, chemicals, and maintenance. Let our team help you identify not only the right blower system for your tunnel, but also the perfect complementary components to maximize your car wash success.


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